F Bomb

Finito. Done. Terminated. You’re FIRED. Yes, the F-bomb and I don’t mean that word that rhymes with pluck. Your time is up here.

surpriseSo first there’s that look of (in most cases) #WTH?? And then you finally realize it’s happened and you go through several emotions possibly with a cocktail or two.

Frankly, it’s the worst and has happened to most including me. I felt bad about myself and letting others down but then I said this will either make you or break you. I decided to go with make you.

And not feel sorry for myself, “you can handle it boo.”

In most cases, I try not to allow people or what they think about me ruffle my feathers. But this was a humdinger to deal with – I’m not gone lie.

Through tears, heartache, and conversations with family and close friends, I was going to be fine because I knew what I was made of. I fluffed those feathers right back up and got to it. You can only be in control of yourself – not anyone else – and this is what matters most.

Everyone in the world has an opinion about you whether it be good or bad. Not everyone is going to like you, how you talk, the way you look, how you dress, or for some other weird or crazy reason. Do you adjust yourself? No. Be yourself. Pluck ’em!

. . . Because the sun always comes out after the rain.

Sun Taylor

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