A friend calls and says she may stop by. You’re in the middle of trying out a new gadget (that you probably didn’t need anyway) while answering emails – basically busy. All of the sudden that Alley McBeal moment kicks in (do you remember that show?) and you think of a way to respond quickly. What do you do?

A. Tell her “sure, that’s fine” as you grit your teeth on the other end of the phone because you know it’s just not a good time.

B. Play sick and say “I’m really not feeling good, maybe later in the week, ” because you don’t want to hurt her feelings.

C. Speak truth “I can’t today, I have a lot to do so maybe next week,” as you hear her sigh on the other end.

The correct answer for me is C. Before, it would have been A. Why do we accommodate when we know we just can’t (at the moment) –  doing too much. Please, no more.

My days are usually planned, so rarely are there readjustments.  With “To Do Lists ” sky high that take me two weeks to get through , “I can’t”  is fine and  I’m OK with that.

The lesson I have learned: I’d rather they be mad at me, rather than me be mad at myself; true friends and family should understand anyway. Love to all.

. . .  Because the sun always comes out after the rain.

Sun Taylor

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