No Extra Sauce

You’re in line at Subway and the person in front of you decides to order a turkey sandwich – so you think. Soon enough you realize that it’s not just a turkey sandwich, but it’s the turkey sandwich from H-E-L-L. Quickly, you get annoyed.

Subway sandwich expert (SSE): Hi, can I help you?
Annoying customer (AC): Um yeah, I want a turkey sandwich on jalapeno cheese bread
SSE: I’m sorry but we don’t carry that bread here. Would you like another?
AC: What? Well can you make it Italian and add melted cheese on top of the bread.
SSE: Sure (and a blank stare).
AC: Also, use the light mayo and not too much, chipotle sauce, but right after you toast it and don’t burn it. Then add my turkey, with lettuce, but the shredded lettuce, olives, pickles, and a banana peppers on one side only.  Also, I’ll take the oil and vinegar to go, not on the sandwich, and EXTRA chipotle sauce to go too.
SSE:  Tight-grit-of-the-teeth-and-fake-smile.

Why? Why? Why? These are the people in our lives that need a hug, according to my cousin Risgurl, and I couldn’t agree more. Things like a darn sandwich, should not be this complicated – along with other areas of our lives.

Mid-summer, we (well I) had to make the decision as to whether we were going to put our oldest son in a charter or public school. There I was at Subway looking at the options and making it way too complicated. If I got him into a charter school way across town, how would we manage drop off and pick up with our schedules (mind you we’d do anything for our kids). Or maybe after school care…or not? School bus, carpool anyone? And the other two kids? How are we picking them up? STOP. BREATHE. We ultimately decided to put him in a public school, close to home, that is perfectly fine and so is he.

So the next time you’re in line at your favorite Subway, order your sandwich, keep it simple as possible, and say thank you. Otherwise, make your sandwich at home please.

And also simplify those areas in your life that have way too much going on – no extra sauce.

Because the sun always comes out after the rain. . .

Sun Taylor

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