The rare art of silence

It is hard for me to keep quiet sometimes. And then if you add the fact that I talk loud, silence tends not to be golden for your girl.

I can talk to ALOT of people in a day. It’s crazy if you think about who you come across in 24 hours.

But then there are times when you just need to shut it up or zip it. And this week, I decided to put the art of silence to the test by listening, rather than talking and cutting someone off mid-sentence. I know, how rude! I’m working on it.

The first conversation was with the husband  – right, big surprise. While there were a trillion ways I could have responded, I decided not to respond at all . . .  silencing myself. The conversation continued with no argument (this time) and I was OK. You know that was hard.

Second, came a conversation with my oldest son who reminded me I forgot to say something while he was being told what to do. Wait…what? How old are you again? KINDERGARTEN, right? OK, just checking. I just looked at him in silence –  “the Mama look”- and kept it moving.

And the last conversation was with a colleague. I had to shush it and listen. Needless to say, it was calming. There were also a couple of deep breaths in there.

For someone who studied communications, this was actually a cinch . . . umm no.  But what I did learn was silence definitely helps you listen better, think about whether it’s worth responding, and puts your thoughts in check.

So the next time when you need to shush and sit down somewhere, please do so. You might just be saving yourself. Then walk away, flick your hair, and give them the side eye . . . o0ps did I say that?

Because the sun always comes out after the rain . . .

Sun Taylor

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