You get the side eye

“Thank you for your interest in our organization. At this time we are not accepting applications and appreciate your interest.”

Albeit canned, it’s a response.

I cannot begin to tell you how bothersome it is when someone doesn’t get back to me or misses a deadline. Here comes the corner eyes  or “side eyes” with a quickness.

A friend has told me numerous times I need to give people second and third chances – I’m working on it. I know life can deal some particular situations where we have to rearrange schedules, negotiate the inevitable (like with a toddler) or just take a step back and breathe. Got it . . .  and slight side eye.

This week, a client missed a deadline. I gave them a chance to make it up but it also changed my outlook on how I’ll deal with them next time – if I even deal at all. This is when you slowly make your way into the “I’m done” box.

Most times, when we miss the target date or fail to communicate, it’s because we didn’t prioritize or bit off much more than we can chew. Been there, done that and had to apologize and regain trust. This is not the situation you want to put yourself in if you can help it.

It’s always important to make an attempt to be professional all the way around- even  outside of the workplace. I like to call it my own PR. People always remember what you bring to the table by how you communicate and when you say you’re going to do something, and you DO IT.

Get back to the person on the other end whether it be by text, email, or phone with a “Thank you and I am working on it,”or whatever the case may be. Don’t leave them hanging.

And with those deadlines, if you’re going to miss them, fine. But say something way in advance as opposed to three hours before it’s due.

Whew . . . my face is hurting with all this side eye action. Hopefully it will help with these crow’s feet :o).

Because the sun always comes out after the rain. . .

Sun Taylor

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