What happens on this trip, STAYS on this trip. #pinkyswear

Remember that time you took a girls trip? I thought it’d be appropriate to bring all those memories back considering the movie, Girls Trip, comes out next week. This type of trip would be perfect right about now, I’m just saying.

I remember a time when a girls trip or field trip was nothing – you thought it and then you did it. We would hit the car or plane with no worries with freedom to do whatever. Now, it’s like moving an iceberg.

o   First it has to be cleared with the CFO husband

o   Second, possible arrangements for the kids – um, why am I doing this and one parent will still be present?

o   Now to pack clothes that I probably either can’t fit or don’t even like anymore – but let’s roll anyway

o   How much money do you I need – refer back to the CFO – wosah

o   Now hit the road –oh wait, I forgot my underwear—just kidding.

In all honesty, I love taking road trips or plane trips with my girls. I have traveled to Jamaica, France, Spain, and Sweden among other places with friends. And then there were all the adventures in college to New York, Chicago, Philly, LA, South Carolina (shout out to Orangeburg!) and others I can’t remember. It was an exploratory time and I loved it.

So with the movie coming out in about a week, here is a list of girl trips I plan take BEFORE then…sure. I can dream, right?

A Day at Serenbe

A cool community south of Atlanta where you can shop all day, go to the spa, hike, and more. And then if you’re tired, stay with your friends at The Inn. Do whatever your fancy pants wants. Any takers?

Pop the Cork Wine Tours

Did you say wine? I am there with a big glass. I love wine tasting and this seems like an awesome opportunity to get together and be adult with your girlfriends. Lunch is included too? Cheers!

Iwi Fresh Garden Day Spa

Need I say more? Anything that has the word “spa” in it, works for me. No kids. No husband. Relaxation. And then you head back to reality after it’s over…but who’s keeping tabs right? Sit back and enjoy anyway.

Salamander Resort & Spa

When I finally do get away for a quick girlfriends trip, this would be one of my picks primarily because it’s owned by extraordinaire Sheila C. Johnson. It sounds wonderful and I have friends that have been—without me (insert sad face).

Kanuhura Maldives

And for the ultimate girls trip, THIS IS IT. When I call and say “pack your bags,” don’t ask any questions because this is where we are going. Beautiful!

So take a moment, think of all your girls, and plan a field trip…NOW!

Because the sun always comes out after the rain…especially with your girlfriends!

Sun Taylor


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