A look in the mirror: part deux

This post from last fall was a reality check . While, I tend to be confident in how I look, after having a baby the mirror and I were at odds – it’s called postpartum weight.

Well . . .almost 20lbs less later and counting, we’re friends again (my mirror and I) and we’ll remain that way no matter what I look like.

Because the sun always comes out after the rain . . .

Sun Taylor



We have all done it to ourselves- took a look in the mirror and was not happy. For me, it’s usually based around failing a fitness goal or not feeling my normal self.

This past weekend I decided to go to TJ Maxx. I was excited because it’s been a while and I wanted to fill a void in my closet. As you all may know, I love accessories but you can’t wear them with the wrong outfit. So me and baby girl headed out the door.

And then it happened. I got to the store and didn’t want to look in the mirror. Now, we all know TJ Maxx has PLENTY of mirrors. In fact, there was one on every aisle. I avoided them all. I went around them, looked away, and finally just got my items and left the store. At that moment I knew I was not myself.

Later that night I was still in a funk. Then the hubby asked what’s wrong. Silence. He asked again. Silence . . . and then tears. Now he was concerned.

I finally said I wasn’t happy about how I looked and while shopping, I didn’t look in the mirror. His response was probably the best I have heard in a while.

“Babe, you JUST had a baby 7 months ago.” He also mentioned I was older now and that our bodies don’t bounce back like they used to…uhh insert record scratching sound effect here. Anyway, he was right. I was being too hard on myself.

We all tend to be this way when it comes to our goals. If we don’t meet them, or it doesn’t look good, we beat ourselves up. Stop doing that. When you do your best, that’s what matters most.

Thankfully these past two weeks, I’ve started exercising again- for real this time – and watching the diet. However, when you invest in yourself, it takes time; be patient.

After the conversation, I got myself together, prayed, and kept it moving- literally. I think I needed to hear those words and I’m thankful he realized it. I’ve done the weight loss thing before post baby and came out shinning.

So let me put on these shades, do my thing to lose the extra pounds, look in the mirror, and be thankful for who I am.

Because the sun always comes out after the rain . . .

Sun Taylor




Um No…but Merry Christmas!

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas! It’s the season of getting cranked up for that special day attending this party and that one and buying gifts galore. Sure.

Well, this year there are a couple of things I decided NOT do. It’s really more so to keep my cool and not stress over the minutia.  I’ve learned so many lessons along the way when it comes to celebrating Christmas – and most important, honoring the birth of Jesus.

However, commercialism has geared us away from what should be the true focus “of the most wonderful time of the year.” Like family, good friends, and being thankful you made it to another Christmas because a lot of people didn’t.

With that being said, here is my top five list of  “um no ” not this Christmas – with three days left to spare:

  1. Going overboard with baby’s first Christmas. – I love my new little one and she’s my only girl. But . . . there is no need to go crazy on gifts and more gifts. Do you remember your very first Christmas? Exactly. However, I will get several pictures – and honestly it’s going to be about loving on her that morning.
  2. Buying toys and more toys for the boys – As you all know, I also have two boys who have taken over practically every room in this house with toys. And then the big toys- why? I don’t need to see the toy before I walk into the room. Their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins have this covered anyway. I’ll move out the old to replace the new – Goodwill here I come.
  3. Christmas cards going to Terry, Sherry, and Kerry – I can recall sending Christmas cards to all my wedding guests post our nuptials years back. Just kidding. My point: instead of sending and signing all those cards (Where is my hubby?), New Year’s cards will go out to the nearest and dearest. For the others, smile, you know I luv you.
  4. Mass text messages to a gazillion people on Christmas Day – I was guilty of this in my former life, ain’t gonna lie. It gets messy because most reply ALL. Well “message rates apply.” Like when my aunt Bea responds seven times because she doesn’t know how to use her phone. I have a couple of those in my life #lmbo.
  5. Eating everything in sight because it’s the holidays – Really? This means I’ll have to be carried away from the table. And all my hard work for the last couple of months goes down the toilet – literally. LOL. I will eat but within reason. Being healthy is a lifestyle and takes commitment; I’ve learned this the hard way.

This is one of the best times of the year as people come together to help each another. If you took away the gifts and all the other nonessential buzz of Christmas, would it still be Christmas? “Um yessss!” Merry Christmas.

Because the sun always comes out after the rain. . .

Sun Taylor

A change in flight

You plan your trip, pack your bags, and head to the airport. You are so excited to get to Rome and can’t wait to see all the sites. They call your flight and you board the plane. As you get comfortable in your seat, the captain announces right before you take off:

“There’s been a change in plans. We are heading to Rome, GEORGIA. Enjoy your flight.” First you blink then you sink. What is happening here???

This is the best way I can describe having premature babies. You make plans for one destination and end up at another. Rome, Italy was not where we were going.

It’s National Prematurity Awareness Month and this is my story of a “change in flight.”

The prognosis was not good. The doctors told us all the complications and the possible demise of our first baby while in the womb. But we took the risk, or shall I say God told us we would take the risk, because he had other plans.

Our first son, “Mr. President” had some pretty daunting stats:

  • Born 10 weeks early because the placenta failed and he wasn’t growing
  • Weight: 1 lb 13 oz with a hole in his heart (later fixed)
  • In the NICU for 93 days with all types of things going on
  • Came home on 12 medications, a pulse ox machine, oxygen tank, and feeding tube
  • Had every doctor you could name with “gist” at the end – cardioloGIST, endocrinoloGIST, gastroloGIST . . . you get the point
  • Two surgeries by the age of one – heart and hernia

Mr. President met a lot of people by the age of one and will talk to anyone now. I’m sure it had something to do with his introduction to the world.

Then there was the second born son, “Secret Service” whose stats weren’t as serious but nonetheless, it wasn’t easy for him either.

  • Born 6 weeks early due to preeclampsia
  • Weight: 4lbs 3 oz
  • In the NICU for 34 days; meds, pokes, and prods
  • Developed hydrocephalus that led to surgery after he turned one.

Secret Service is a tough cookie which I know in my heart started early. Homie don’t play that. . . and his mamma is tough too (wink!).

But there were plenty of tears and sleepless nights. All I can say is where would we all be without family and prayer? And the doctors and nurses at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta –they were phenomenal.

We were also surrounded by friends who could offer encouragement. But in some instances, people didn’t know what to say, or in my mind, said the wrong thing. Thus, I became cautious about who I told.

Now I am open and it’s my intent to help someone who may be going through this or went through it in the past. You will make it and you will stand tall.

There were so many lesson; but the most important was to keep the faith no matter what. I always thought about the beauty of the end destination. It wasn’t easy but I knew I was going to make it there and that our kids would be fine.

The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, or the Vatican City are all splendid I imagine. But I am so thankful for that change in flight. We made it to Rome, Georgia and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Because the sun always comes out after the rain . . .

Sun Taylor