Back and forth? #deuces

“Stop going back and forth on your ideas because of fear. You’re confusing the universe. Decide what you want and stick with it. You’ll notice things starting to shift in your favor.” #bossbabe (trademarked)

I could not agree more. This literally hit me in the face last week; now is my time and I’m thankful.

For the past two and half years I have been back and forth in my work “sit-e-ation.” After one job didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, I focused on my family for about a year and then decided to go back to work May 2017. Guess what? The company was bought and that story ended in severance pay.

Was this the final sign to really push through on the small business front? Or do I grind and find yet ANOTHER job? We have a family of five so what does one do?

I started to teach and take on projects here and there with nothing on the 9-5 job front coming through. So I continued to work on my business. After a while, I noticed more opportunities- and then more- and then more.

Throughout this process I continued to look for work, projects, and prayed for guidance. I hustled for clients and taught at a junior college with hopes of finding a j-o-b soon.


I’ve had doubts because of fear, because of what others think I should have been doing, or because of all the luxuries I see of others, comparing myself (big no-no). It definitely had me confused. However, in my heart, I knew what I was supposed to be doing but continued to go back and forth.

No more. We have to trust ourselves enough to know we can do it with prayer, a plan, and determination. Don’t confuse yourself or the universe. Stick with what you want to do and go hard. You will have doubts, you will get tired, you will want to quit and take the easy way out (present company included). But don’t shift. From this point on, it’s going to be about Taylord’d Events & Media.

So here’s a big arse #deuces to back and forth; FAVOR has showed up.

Because the sun always comes out after the rain . . .

Sun Taylor

A look in the mirror: part deux

This post from last fall was a reality check . While, I tend to be confident in how I look, after having a baby the mirror and I were at odds – it’s called postpartum weight.

Well . . .almost 20lbs less later and counting, we’re friends again (my mirror and I) and we’ll remain that way no matter what I look like.

Because the sun always comes out after the rain . . .

Sun Taylor



We have all done it to ourselves- took a look in the mirror and was not happy. For me, it’s usually based around failing a fitness goal or not feeling my normal self.

This past weekend I decided to go to TJ Maxx. I was excited because it’s been a while and I wanted to fill a void in my closet. As you all may know, I love accessories but you can’t wear them with the wrong outfit. So me and baby girl headed out the door.

And then it happened. I got to the store and didn’t want to look in the mirror. Now, we all know TJ Maxx has PLENTY of mirrors. In fact, there was one on every aisle. I avoided them all. I went around them, looked away, and finally just got my items and left the store. At that moment I knew I was not myself.

Later that night I was still in a funk. Then the hubby asked what’s wrong. Silence. He asked again. Silence . . . and then tears. Now he was concerned.

I finally said I wasn’t happy about how I looked and while shopping, I didn’t look in the mirror. His response was probably the best I have heard in a while.

“Babe, you JUST had a baby 7 months ago.” He also mentioned I was older now and that our bodies don’t bounce back like they used to…uhh insert record scratching sound effect here. Anyway, he was right. I was being too hard on myself.

We all tend to be this way when it comes to our goals. If we don’t meet them, or it doesn’t look good, we beat ourselves up. Stop doing that. When you do your best, that’s what matters most.

Thankfully these past two weeks, I’ve started exercising again- for real this time – and watching the diet. However, when you invest in yourself, it takes time; be patient.

After the conversation, I got myself together, prayed, and kept it moving- literally. I think I needed to hear those words and I’m thankful he realized it. I’ve done the weight loss thing before post baby and came out shinning.

So let me put on these shades, do my thing to lose the extra pounds, look in the mirror, and be thankful for who I am.

Because the sun always comes out after the rain . . .

Sun Taylor