Break or Spring?

Guess what? Spring Break is coming up. Will you “break” or “spring” it up? No clue for me at this point for the Taylor household #behindthe8ball.

Clearly, spring break is the onset to get your “ish” together for the summer. You have about two months before the mayhem of kids everywhere but can look forward to lighter traffic and less driving across America to ALL the kid activities–maybe.

Here are my top five predictions for spring break:

  1. Weather: It appears winter and spring are confused. They probably should have a conversation and get it right so we can go back outside and get some Vitamin D.
  2. Kids: They’ll be the same – driving us krazy – asking all sorts of questions . . . we have no clue about. . . and then we’ll fake the answer so they’ll go away #sorrynotsorry
  3. Family: If you’re like me, involve family in some form. Hopefully, you’ll get a call similar to “hey, want to bring the kids over?” YESSSSSSS.
  4. Activity/Trips: The park, museum, and painting look real good right about now and anything free! I’m sure I’ll have to call A-T-and M several times during the week.
  5. Break – And after everything is turned upside down or possibly broken, I’ll need a BREAK!

The silver lining – our kids are happy, healthy, and we all continue to provide wonderful experiences. Parents unite, try to have a blast, and remember the importance of wine. Cheers!

Because the sun always comes out after the rain…

Sun Taylor




The blues and pink

Two boys and a baby girl. Period. But I’m still the queen of the castle, boss lady, or whatever we’re calling it these days.

We run a media and events company and own a barber shop. But the most tiresome and fulfilling job is raising our kids. The “blues” are 5 and 3 years-old and the “pink” is 6 months old. I love my kids but one thing is certain: sometimes they give me the blues with a slap of pink.

And when does it truly get to me? When I haven’t been able to get through projects, returning a call from a week ago, or whatever else because I have inserted kid one, two, or three. I used to love buying frivolous stuff – an earring tree, rhinestone stapler, or cute tissue box holder. These items were all VERY important. Things have somewhat changed – rhinestones are now on the wipes box.

commercialbreak-300x225So nowadays when I get to that point of “save me now,” I insert that commercial break. A dear friend of mine has a wonderful blog:  More Than Caleb’s Mom – I couldn’t agree more. Yes, I’m a mom, but I’m also a dancer, painter, and model in my head . . .  and to keep these wonderful dreams alive, sleep deprivation tends to be my drug of choice.

In any event, remember to take time for yourself if you’re a parent or not.  My kids are my world and I wouldn’t trade them for anything or have it any other way.

There will always be mounds of laundry, someone who has pooped in their pants, or another with a running nose who wants to play. Wipe the germs away and don’t sweat the small stuff or small people. They eventually grow up and then we miss them terribly.

Because the sun always comes out after the rain . . .

Sun Taylor