At the buffet…WUT!

About three weeks ago, I decided to write out every task I completed over the course of three days. The golden number (and I’m sure I missed some). . . ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE. WTH?

Now let’s talk about the “buffet” and piling up way too much. I like to get steak and potatoes, while grabbing a roll and salad and then decide I need a dessert, drink, and coffee. Oh, and I forgot a vegetable. Why?

According to a Forbes article, piling up our plates or multitasking actually hinders production by about 40%; way too much shifting between tasks and lack of focus. We pile high and then wonder why things become overwhelming.

Before we get to the overwhelming state, we take on the “we can do it” attitude. Everything is done simultaneously – talking on the phone, cooking dinner, helping with homework, and answering client emails; multitasking on steroids #guilty.

Back to the buffet: how did I fill three days with over 100 tasks? Is it really that serious? Let me provide some background as I’m certain a lot of you can relate:

  1. I am a mother of three; it probably should just end there
  2. My husband and I own and operate two businesses
  3. I teach two classes at a local college
  4. My kids are all under the age of 7
  5. I work in and out of my home – clients, calls, cleaning, scolding, molding, folding, sweeping, wiping

When I shared my list of 133 items with fam and friends, the response was “WUTTTT!” or “you are doing the most.” Yes, but I’m learning – some things have to get done, while others can just wait #workinprogress

Also what I can delegate or pay (minimal) for someone to do for me? Like my new friend InstaCart (online grocery shopping delivered) Next is finding a laundry service. If you know me well, laundry is a *&%$@.

Ultimately, I did this to see where I could make changes and had my husband do the same. It was an exercise to show where we could help each other at the buffet – or pull back altogether.

At the end of the day, it’s no longer about what I didn’t get done, but what I did get done – and it will include paying someone—deuces!!!

Because the sun always comes out after the rain . . .

Sun Taylor

A “moment”

Need a moment, grab a Twix. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

We all go through trying times, situations, and “interesting” people that call for a breather. From our spouses and kids to family and friends,  sometimes a #%& moment is required.

Most of my moments come with my kiddos – that’s two toddlers and one kindergartner – but I have learned to adapt… and red wine helps (wink).

So what do you do when you need a moment? Walk away, smile, or throw something – lol. Well, I had a lot of moments this week  with all types of ish calling for a Twix.

because-i-said-soOne of your toddlers keeps asking “why?”
This called for a moment of breathing in and out and I’m still dealing with it. I had to remember he’s only 3 years old and learning everything, thus the “why” all the time. If you are a stay at home mom, please take moments as much as you need. I usually retreat to my room BY myself and do nothing for as long as I can.


A client reaches out; “frackle-nackle-bull”
After working on a proposal for an entire day, you realize you have to walk away from the project. It was somewhat shady from the start and I should have realized…damnnn Gina! I had to refocus and get back on top of my game. This was when my moment called for a jumbo Twix. Nom, nom, nom.

what-you-talkin-bout-willis-quote-1When you’re told you’re selfish . . . hmm
This about sent me over the top. But I didn’t respond with words. I calmed my boiling skin and had the look of  Arnold. Sometimes you have to keep it moving; if people don’t literally walk in your shoes, they will never understand you. This moment called for a”drank.” Cheers, two times. Buh Bye!


“Overloaded” with laundry and everything else
Laundry piling up makes me “feel some type a way.” This weekend, I just did it all as opposed to waiting on the laundry fairy. This was a defining moment: clean laundry brought the clarity I needed and took the overloaded feeling away.

At the end of the day, we all need moments to be with ourselves and/or by ourselves. Take all the moments you need throughout the day to get through the day. Sun Taylor’s orders :o)

And as I put my shades back on and ride into the sunset, please know that my alone time a.k.a moment is sometimes for your safety.

Because the sun always comes out after the rain…

Sun Taylor