It’s about to go down. . .


In about two months, I turn the big 4-0. How did that happen? I feel like I was just 25 and now look at me – married for almost 11 years with three kids. And this California girl is living in Atlanta- who knew.

So what does 40 mean? Do you cry? Eat? Or have a mid-life crisis? Well, I plan to eat and see whatever else falls into my lap. One of my friends @momsdestiny suggested I complete 40 things to commemorate the year; sure and I’ll send her the bill later.

But it did get me thinking. What would you do if you could complete 40 things of your choice in a year? Here is my long list and maybe –just maybe–I’ll make it through ALL of them. Hopefully my husband is taking notes #teehee

  1. Visit Italy with the hubby
  2. Horseback riding on a beautiful beach
  3. Visit Barbados and never come back (just kidding!)
  4. Take a trip with my kids to Hershey Park
  5. Get a massage on the beach
  6. Go to the opera
  7. Visit the Grand Canyon
  8. Take my mom to New York (I still can’t believe she’s never been)
  9. Test drive a Porsche
  10. Buy a designer purse – Fendi, Birkin, Louis, Gucci- you know one of those
  11. Swim with dolphins
  12. Drive across country
  13. Wine tour in Napa Valley
  14. Take a magic pill to lose weight in two days (the struggle is real)
  15. Ride on a motorcycle with my husband- sun shades and Daisy Dukes #yep
  16. Actually play on a golf course
  17. Take an Alaskan cruise
  18. Decorate my little girl’s room – for real this time
  19. Run the Peachtree Roadrace
  20. Learn some Spanish
  21. Make a homemade apple pie
  22. Roast a big ass turkey
  23. Take my kids to Disney World
  24. Paddle boat around the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.
  25. Go up in the Washington Monument
  26. Visit the 9/11 Memorial
  27. Visit the National Museum of African American Culture and History
  28. Visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
  29. Take a water aerobics class
  30. Get a FitBit
  31. Join a book club
  32. Complete my business website
  33. Volunteer when I can
  34. Open another barber shop with my husband
  35. Go camping or shall I say “glamping.”
  36. Take a girls trip
  37. Invest in property
  38. Participate in a bible study at church
  39. Turn 41
  40. Have fun even on the rainy days

Forty, here I come baby #adjustscrown

Because the sun always comes out after the rain. . .

Sun Taylor

Allow me to reintroduce myself . . .

“Fellow Americans, it is with the utmost pride and sincerity that I present this recording as a living testament and recollection of history in the making during our generation.”

“Allow me to reintroduce myself”

I know you’ve had to reintroduce yourself a couple of times, right? And I mean this in the nicest way possible— but sometimes people need to be reminded of who you really are . . . #flickshair #adjustscrown.

Occasionally our closest friends and loved ones forget what we’re capable of at our high and low points in life. Undeniably, when we’re at the low end, our grit and hustle kick in teaching us to appreciate the high points ALWAYS.

The best way to describe reintroductions goes something like this:  you meet your mate, fall in love with all their “ways,” and then get amnesia once you cross that threshold called the altar -uh, wayyyment! Guess what, they were like this all the long but your head may have been in the clouds. No worries.

“Hi, I’m Neat Freak, the person you married about a month/years ago that has been this way FOR YEARS.”

From his analytic insight to her dramatic ways, you learn it’s a part of this person and you’ll need to learn to accept it.

Yes, there will be many days when you have to explain why you think the way you think, why you do what you do, why you wear what you wear, etc.  And why? Because for the most part, people really don’t change much when it comes to their core. This is when Jay-Z’s lyrics kick in and reintroduction begins:

We reintroduce ourselves when we’re challenged: this shows our toughness and usually based upon our life experiences.

We reintroduce ourselves when we’re hurt: this is a reminder of our vulnerability and how we’re able to make a comeback through the heartache and headache.

We reintroduce ourselves when we’re fearful: fear is never an emotion we should dwell upon. Acknowledge it and then move away from it as quickly as possible.

We reintroduce ourselves when we’re confident: My favorite. When confidence reappears (and not cockiness) it can inspire a whole lot of people. It’s good food for the soul.

We reintroduce ourselves when we’re on a mission: Nothing can get in the way of someone who has a goal in mind. They just keep at it until it’s accomplished. I can and I will; end of story.

As we constantly reintroduce ourselves, we still remain our true selves. If you meet someone today expect them, for the most part, to be the same tomorrow.

We love (and like) people for who they are as opposed to who they aren’t.

Either love me or leave me alone.
-Jay Z

Because the sun always comes out after the rain. . .

Sun Taylor