Handle your business

“I’m not a business-man’! I’m a business . . . man! Let me handle my business, damn!”

-Jay Z

Woooooooooooooosah. I’ll just get right into it as business owners across the world UNITE! We kick butt when we’re good at operating our businesses- because it’s not easy.

And on that note, there were five (5) lessons that knocked me right over the head this week: some were reminders while others were new. It’s all about growing pains and I grew about 20 inches this freakin’ week.

Business is business 
Don’t take situations or business decisions personal. It’s perfectly OK if people don’t understand your business acumen (or vise versa) –  just keep moving. We can still be friends . . . maybe #workinprogress.

Your response (or lack thereof) speaks volumes 
Please always respond and not a week later. A complaint goes further than a compliment and people will talk when you are not on top of your game.

Manage expectations
If you can’t do it, then say it — but have another option. Don’t over promise and under deliver. Do what you say you’re going to do with no excuses. It’s just that simple.

Time is money 
There’s really no further explanation needed here. Don’t waste time when you (and I) could be making money. That same energy could be put into a new client — because “I needs my coins.”

Charge what you’re worth and then add tax
I actually read this on social media and it resonated immediately. Yes, there will be times when you may have to work out a deal (to get your foot in the door) but always know your worth. If you don’t know it, people won’t understand WHY you’re worth it.

I am certain there will be many more lessons but in the mean and between time: handle your business.

Because the sun always comes out after the rain. . .

Sun Taylor

Paint Your Toenails

This past Sunday, sitting on my couch preparing for the week ahead, and the conversation goes something like this:

Husband: What’s that?
Me: My weekly planner or “Slay Your Day,” planner.
Husband: Weird look
Me: What?
Husband: So what are doing?
Me: Uhh, planning my day for tomorrow
Husband: Why?
Me: So I stay on task, investing into myself. MAYBE you should try it (side eye)
Husband: Crickets . . .

So, just know that I have a great husband who is all about his business and “slaying,” if there’s a male version of that. But every now and then,  I say things just see his reaction . . . or not . . . love you honey :o).

Now back to me. Last week I was dealing with a lot and suddenly became overwhelmed. My oldest son wasn’t using his “listening ears or walking feet” in school, I was attempting to post to social media for our business, and then felt like I could NOT get through my to-do list. And then I broke down, let it all out, and got back up again.

Being at home these days, I feel like there’s always something to be done. But have realized, I want to get everything done without truly planning it out; like helping my husband with the barber shop, getting my media and events company on the right track, while caring for my 6 month-old and thinking about my other two kids. I was all over the place and needed to get focused. Luckily, The Slay Your Day Planner for bloggers by Mattie James, or anyone for that matter, came to my rescue (shout out to the BFF. Thank you!)

We all become overwhelmed when we don’t take time to plan and take a moment for ourselves. This week I learned the importance of time blocks and being realistic with how much time something will really take me.

This week I started (and hope to keep it up):

  1. Morning: meditating for 5 minutes, praying, and reading a chapter in the bible
  2. Throughout the day: Attempting to think more positively even when things go wrong.
  3. Evening: filling out my planner for the next day with detail – even down to what I plan to wear. It saves a lot of time.

Remember to take time for yourself at least for 5 minutes everyday. STOP. BREATHE. And then paint your toenails. It takes patience and you can’t rush through it…or your toes come out looking all types of crazy and so will you.

Take your time and take time for you.

Because the sun always comes out after the rain . . .

Sun Taylor



A friend calls and says she may stop by. You’re in the middle of trying out a new gadget (that you probably didn’t need anyway) while answering emails – basically busy. All of the sudden that Alley McBeal moment kicks in (do you remember that show?) and you think of a way to respond quickly. What do you do?

A. Tell her “sure, that’s fine” as you grit your teeth on the other end of the phone because you know it’s just not a good time.

B. Play sick and say “I’m really not feeling good, maybe later in the week, ” because you don’t want to hurt her feelings.

C. Speak truth “I can’t today, I have a lot to do so maybe next week,” as you hear her sigh on the other end.

The correct answer for me is C. Before, it would have been A. Why do we accommodate when we know we just can’t (at the moment) –  doing too much. Please, no more.

My days are usually planned, so rarely are there readjustments.  With “To Do Lists ” sky high that take me two weeks to get through , “I can’t”  is fine and  I’m OK with that.

The lesson I have learned: I’d rather they be mad at me, rather than me be mad at myself; true friends and family should understand anyway. Love to all.

. . .  Because the sun always comes out after the rain.

Sun Taylor

F Bomb

Finito. Done. Terminated. You’re FIRED. Yes, the F-bomb and I don’t mean that word that rhymes with pluck. Your time is up here.

surpriseSo first there’s that look of (in most cases) #WTH?? And then you finally realize it’s happened and you go through several emotions possibly with a cocktail or two.

Frankly, it’s the worst and has happened to most including me. I felt bad about myself and letting others down but then I said this will either make you or break you. I decided to go with make you.

And not feel sorry for myself, “you can handle it boo.”

In most cases, I try not to allow people or what they think about me ruffle my feathers. But this was a humdinger to deal with – I’m not gone lie.

Through tears, heartache, and conversations with family and close friends, I was going to be fine because I knew what I was made of. I fluffed those feathers right back up and got to it. You can only be in control of yourself – not anyone else – and this is what matters most.

Everyone in the world has an opinion about you whether it be good or bad. Not everyone is going to like you, how you talk, the way you look, how you dress, or for some other weird or crazy reason. Do you adjust yourself? No. Be yourself. Pluck ’em!

. . . Because the sun always comes out after the rain.

Sun Taylor